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A fleet of vehicles suitable for urgent transport

Specialized in the transport of goods, in particular the delivery of containers or in bulk for large lots, we provide you with the appropriate means, in particular a complete range of vehicles adapted to the transport.
An in-house maintenance department guarantees the operational condition of all our equipment.
Constantly evolving means of communication allow us to communicate ever faster with increased reliability

  • Dump trucks
  • Tractor trucks
  • HIAB trucks
  • 4-ton Hyster
  • 9-ton Hyster
  • 12-ton Hyster
  • Manuto
  • 45-ton PPM mobile crane
  • 50-ton crane trucks

LOGISTIGA has a large fleet consisting of 30 tractors and over 100 S / Rs, container ships, port chare. Equipped with this park.
LOGISTIGA can now respond to all your requests quickly and efficiently and comply with any commitment whatever the nature of the goods, perishable, dangerous or various.
LOGISTIGA has a fleet of modern vehicles, renewed annually with modern equipment as well as monitoring provided via geolocation techniques (GPS / GPRS).

  • Container transport
  • Concrete rebar transport
  • Transport of various packages
  • Timber transport